2D Micro Height Gauge

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  • Applicable geometric elements measuring including: height, depth, thickness, slot, width, outside & inside hole, automatic highest and lowest point search, parallels, flatness, concentricity, angle, squareness  and basic 2D measuring.
  • Fast probing and constant measuring motor control reinforcing the measuring speed and repeatability.
  • Specially designed body cover reduces dust particles entering inside the measuring column assembly.
  • High quality, hardened and lapped stainless steel air bearing pads with built in air compressor provides smooth movements of the instrument on granite surface plate.
  • European genuine 2D micro process controller, clean and powerful measuring interface including multilingual switching, both USB  and RS232 data output.
  • Specified operating temperature for MHG is 10℃ to 40℃, ideal for precision measuring at all work sites and environments. (the best standard temperature is 20℃ )

Basic Measurements 

Surface measurement

Description of Instruments

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Metrology 2D Micro Height Gauge is a measuring device used either for determining the height of objects, or for marking of items to be worked on.
Metrology 2D Micro Height Gauge are used in metalworking or metrology to either set or measure vertical distances; the pointer is sharpened to allow it to act as a scriber and assist in marking out work pieces.


Two Dimensional Measurement (2D)

Two Dimensional Measurement (2D)


Model No

MHG – 450

MHG – 600

MHG – 1000

Measuring Range



1000 mm

Expandable Range

765 mm

915 mm

1315 mm


0.0015 mm (plane) 0.003 mm (bore)

Measuring Accuracy

≤ (2+L/400) μ m

Repeatability (2 σ)

0.0015 mm (plane) 0.003 mm (bore)


≤0.004 mm

≤0.005 mm

≤0.008 mm

MAX.counting speed

600 mm /sec

Measuring force

1 N ± 0.2N

Battery charging time

4 hours

AC adapter Specification

8 hours

AC Adapter Specification

Input 100 – 240 VAC , 50/60 Hz

Output 24 VDC , 2.5A