Calibration of Force

Instruments like dynamometer, force gauge, load cell purely depend on accuracy of force measurements, hence force calibration is essential. Middle East Metrology therefore helps instruments to attain precise accuracy through calibration.MeM is well known calibration company in UAE operate with highly skilled professional team in the field of measuring instruments.

Middle East Metrology can calibrate the following:

Calibration of force is done using equipments with tension and compression capacities from 0 to over 100,000 LBF in the following instruments.

  • Dynamometer
  • Force Gauge
  • Load Cell

Calibration process of Force:

Force Calibration mainly depends upon the weight of the equipment to be tested. Equipments with capacity below 500 LBF is calibrated using hand held dead weight test for tension and compression. At the same time instruments with capacities above 500 LBF to 10000 LBF is generally tested on computer controlled force calibration machine. Force transducers are readily available in three ranges for use.

Initial step in the process is to make sure that the equipment functions properly in order to undergo process. Secondly appropriate equipments are chosen and standard is set. A 5 point calibration is run for most instruments at every 20 per cent of capacity and 10 points is run for higher or précised accuracy instruments at 20 percent capacity respectively.

Middle East  Metrology FZE 

Single source for variety of calibration

Middle East Metrology is a well known calibration company in UAE & Middle East (Dubai,Sharjah,Abudhabi,Saudi Arabia,Qatar,Irag and Iran ).Our 24×7 calibration lab at MeM, where all types of calibration requirements are satisfied by a single source. Pick-up and delivery services are available for our local customers.

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