Calibration of Hardness Tester

Periodic calibrations are required for instruments like hardness tester for identification of scratches, bends and dents. This is usually determined by relative resistance of materials. It is necessary to verify periodically that accuracy matches with tolerances quoted by manufactures. Therefore calibration and adjustments are unavoidable.

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Popular models of hardness tester that are calibrated are as follows:

Hardness Tester

Process involved in Hardness Tester calibration:

At first the machine is leveled and inspection is done to locate chips, breaks or cracks. Then the condition of anvil and indenter is checked. At the same time five hardness tests are done on three certified test blocks. The three test blocks represent high, middle and low ranges. If the instrument shows reading which comes within the tolerances of the three test blocks, then instruments is certified. In short at the end of calibration the accuracy of the instrument is tested and appropriate adjustments are done so that instrument tolerance matches with that of manufacturers.

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