CMM Calibration Services

CMM is generally used during process of manufacturing, developing and assembling of products. Major function of CMM (coordinate measuring machine) is measurement of physical and geometrical characteristics of objects. Such periodic calibration ensures that machine reports matches with dimensional measurements.

CMM can also be programmed to repeatedly measure identical parts, which helps in large volume inspection. Frequent use and environmental changes adversely affects the system accuracy, hence CMM calibration is recommended. Calibration services is performed according to ISO 9001-2008.

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During CMM calibration our professional technicians ensures the following is done:

  • Inspection of scales, drive, guide ways, probe hardware and electronic system
  • Run data which is reported on the calibration certificate
  • Latest CMM Calibration methods are adopted.
    • Inspection of Linearity (x,y and z axis)
    • Inspection of Perpendicularity ( xy, zx, zy planes)
    • Inspection of beam or plate parallelism
    • Full volumetric ball bar test as per ASME B 89.4.1 is performed
    • Repeatability is checked (x, y, z axis)
    • Stylus and touch probes are replaced.

Testing Process

The laminar flow hoods is subjected to certification services to prevent contamination. The air flow patterns ensure protection afforded by laminar flow clean air.

Primary tests

  • HEPA leak test
  • Velocity profile
  • Airflow patterns (visible smoke)

Secondary Tests

  • Electrical safety
  • Light levels
  • Sound levels
  • Vibration

Several tests are conducted to verify containment. Using current version of NSF/ANSI 49 adjustments related to air flow are made as per requirements. Replacement of filter, OEH repairs and bio decontamination facilities are also provided. The cabinet diagram shows the containment of contaminated air. Air flow pattern test using visible smoke is conducted

Primary Tests

  • Airflow patterns (visible smoke)
  • Inflow velocity
  • Down flow velocity
  • HEPA leak test
  • Site installation test
  • Secondary tests

Secondary tests

  • Electrical safety
  • Light levels
  • Sound levels
  • Vibration

CMM Calibration process

In CMM calibration process measurement is taken using a probe which is attached to a manual or computer controlled moving axis. Points are generated by precisely recording x, y and z coordinates of target, which is then analyzed using regression algorithm for further construction of features. This in turn gives improved industrial efficiency and optimal operation.

MEM offer CMM calibration services all over Middle East and United Arab Emirates fast and efficient.

Certificate of contamination control

It is no exaggeration to mention that scheduling, 24 hours service availability, direct schedule with technicians and NIST traceability of Middle East Metrology for contamination control certification services is appreciable.

Contamination control certification services include:

  • Testing and certification
  • Decontamination
  • USP 797 testing
  • Viable microbial sampling
  • Particle count
  • Customer training modules
  • Ventilation assessment
  • Clean room certification
  • Calibration services

Fix a schedule with us, our team undertakes the responsibility of your calibration and certification requirements.

Confirm with current version standards:

The laminar flow equipments is tested and certified to current version standards and stickers, with required information’s are applied. To achieve high quality performance hoods, cabinets, filter and all associated units are certified using state of art equipments.

Our technical experts can certify the following:

  • Laminar flow hoods
  • Ductless fume hoods
  • Chemical fume hoods
  • Filtered fan units (FFU)
  • Filter caissons
  • Bio safety cabinets
  • Barrier isolators
  • Modules
  • Glove boxes
  • Clean rooms

Upon successful completion of tests, NIST traceable calibration certificates are given along with certified test reports.