Dimensional Verification

Dimensional Inspection is generally conducted on surfaces and certain specific features of machineries or products including internal and external fastener threads.

Qualifications of Middle East Metrology at United Arab Emirates are as follows:

  • As per NAS, MS and ANSI specifications standard article inspection and third party dimensional metrology services are performed
  • NIST traceable instruments are used in the dimension metrology lab
  • Services are certified with ISO/9001-2008 certification
  • Over 20 years of experience in the field
  • First article inspection
  • Third party inspection
  • CMM and Smartscope technology for high volume repeatability
  • NIST traceability
  • Dimensional inspection to NAS, MS and ANSI specification

High quality service is maintained by providing highest degree of accuracy. Dimensional inspection is carried out under regulated temperature and humidity. Similarly CMM inspection and smart scope technology are also adopted for timely, reliable and repeatable measurements.

Equipments used for dimensional inspection

Contact and non-contact measurements or inspections can be done at Middle East Metrology  which includes

  • Multisensor smart scope having optical and touch probe capacity.
  • Brown and Sharpe CMM measuring microscope with high magnification.
  • Conventional measuring equipments

Contact CMM inspection is used for large items up to 18”x20”x16”. Similarly video / non contact CMM inspection is done for items 20”x18”x8”. Conventional inspection is used for thread gages, plug gages, height gages, micrometers, callipers and surface plates.

To ensure accuracy

            If measurement accuracy of devices is the backbone of business, it is necessary to perform repeated calibration as equipment lose precision over time. Such repetitive calibration enhances the performance or accuracy of device.