Dimensional Calibration

Middle East Metrology (MEM) is a reputed calibration laboratory with dimensional calibration services. MEM is 24×7 calibration lab with official credentials like UKAS/ NIST traceability. MEM has provided services to wide range of industries with hand tools that can operate with much accuracy and efficiency.  

How can we enhance performance of Calibration?

Calibration can be enhanced with right choice at right time. 

How is dimensional calibration done?

Generally the performance output of measuring tools, gages or other instruments is compared with a standard measurement. This is done to confirm that equipment produces results which meet or exceed the standard requirements or criteria. All these details are then clearly depicted on calibration certificate. NIST traceable standard, repairs or adjustments made during calibration of gages or tools etc are also listed on the calibration certificate.

More about our Calibration Service

Our fully equipped service laboratory is ready for services at any time. Technical experts at MEM offer repair, replacement parts, provides new instruments and completes calibration services with their respective certificate. Our technical support team provide masters tool calibrations which are accurate and affordable.

Dimensional calibration services are as follows:

Measuring hand tools from calipers calibrated. Similarly various types of gauges are calibrated. Calibration of masters and standards are also done with much ease.