Field calibration services from MEM

Our Field calibration services deserve priority as it facilitates onsite work such that work or the business operates without any hindrance with minimum interruption. Most often, prolonged use and environmental conditions decreases performance of instruments. To maintain the performance of equipments periodic calibration is advised, such that consistency and expected output is attained.

Our 24×7 service calibration laboratory are readily available to perform the required services. Middle East Metrology is located in Airport Free Zone,Sharjah,United Arab Emirates and helps keep business run smoothly with convenient on site calibration services acroos the UAE and Middle East & Africa.


Our calibration service broadens from tool equipment and gauge calibrations to adjustments, repairing and replacement of equipments. Calibration Services section of website covers information regarding all calibration services.

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Supplementary field calibration includes:

MEM is the best calibration companies in UAE offering various calibration services with highest level of quality and very competitive rates  in UAE,Saudi Arabia,Iran,Iraq,Qatar and Africa.

  1. Optical comparator calibration

II.Measuring and Hand tool calibration

  • Caliper
  • Depth gauge
  • Height gauge
  • Indicators
  • Micrometer

III.Recorder calibration includes

Digital, Chart, Temperature

IV.Compression testing machine calibration

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