Surface Roughness Tester

Surface-Roughnes- Tester
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Al Function Achieves Easy Operability

The Al function (patent pending)automatically sets the ideal values for measuring range,evaluation length,cut-off value and recording magnification (when printer is used)according to the surface being measured.

Use Anywhere in the World

The E-35A supports JIS(2001/1994/1982),ISO,DIN,ASME and CNOMO standards,and can be switched between English,Japanese,German,Italian,French,Spanish and Portuguese.In addition, the unit satisfies the European Directives for the CE Marketing.

Directly Transfer Data to PC

The standard RS-232C serial port allows measuring conditions,parameter values and profile curve data to be directly transmitted to a PC.

Data Storage / Rechargeable Battery

Ten different data items can be stored in the internal memory,and the measured data can be called at anytime.Both the HANDYSURF and printer have built-in rechargeable batteries, making them ideal for onsite measurements where a power source is not readily available.

Measurements from Any Orientation

The compact lightweight HANDYSURF unit can be used to make measurements in a  horizontal,vertical,tilted or any other orientation.The display and drive units can be used together as a one-piece instrument, or separated for measurement purposes according to individual requirements.

Replaceable Displacement Pickup

The displacement pickup enables exact and faithful measurement of surface roughness.Since it is replaceable,dedicated optional pickups can be used for extra small holes and deep grooves,facilitating a diverse range of measurements.